Gravity and Acceleration

Here are few things which Einstein said about Gravity and acceleration

1. A thing which is not moving with uniform vilocity is accelerating

2. A thing which is at rest but in gravitational field is also accelerating

3. A thing which has given itself to gravity( like a freely dropping object) is not experiencing any force and hence not accelerating

4. Velocity of light remains same with respect to everything and anything

According to Einstein it was Newtons head which went up to apple  and not the other way around as freely falling apple doesn’t experience any force and hence not accelerating…


7 thoughts on “Gravity and Acceleration

  1. if a body (A) is exactly between two body of equal masses separated by some distance. Both will exert equal force on it but there forces will cancel out.
    Now this body (A), will not have any unbalanced force, thus it will be at rest.
    So how can (A), under gravity, in the rest, be still accelerating.
    And why does a body under free fall, not accelerating ?

    • When 2 objects (of equal masses) are experiencing gravitational force, they both will move towards one another to midpoint of line joining their centre. Since they are moving toward one another they are not at rest. Now for your second question, a freely falling object does not experience any force. And F=MA where A is acceleration and M is mass. When F=0, A=0. So object is experiencing 0 acceleration or in other words no acceleration at all.

      • according to me,a free falling body accelerates.A ball dropped from a certain height ,falling towards the ground(considering no viscous force acts on it)experiences force of gravity under which it accelerates.This is an example of a freely falling body.Due to the gravitational force the body accelerates and its velocity goes on increasing.

      • Again, according to Einstein a free falling object is NOT experiencing force and that is why it is not accelerating.Only those objects which are experiencing force are accelerating.We need to discard the picture of classical model of physics to understand Einstein

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