A Clearer Nuclear

It would take a decade or more for the world to digest the recent happenings in Japan. I always knew that Japan is epicenter for all kinds of natural calamities. But this was no ordinary disaster. It was like rage of gods thundering on his earthlings. More sad thing about it is that this happened to Japan who is such a wonderful civilization.

What ever happened, had happened. Now, it is time to raise questions and most important one is that are we safe from our nuclear technology. I took this question with me and went on the web to explore and got to learn about  Generation IV Reactors. Scientist said that whats best about this new reactor is that it has a feature to store nuclear waste. It has opened up a belief that storing nuclear waste can (will) now be atleast hypothetical.

“Our great hope is that they run on waste from other reactors make fuel for the future, need 100 times less uranium than current reactors and leave one thousandth as much waste”  said Jean Claude Garnier, head of innovative technology at the CEA a french government funded technological research organization. I hope it becomes true as soon as possible. And if it does not within 5 years, I will make sure I do the task to complete it.


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