A History Of Relativity

The word ‘Relativity’ immediately reminds us of Albert Einstein. But the concepts of it has its roots that goes back to the period of Galileo, Newton and many other. Here are some facts which scientist knew before a more refined model of ‘Relativity’ came in.

1. Galileo knew that velocity is relative. He said that a person sitting on a boat will feel that the person standing on the dock and the whole dock, water, etc are in motion. But for a person standing on dock, man on the boat and the boat itself are in motion.

2.Descartes said that object will tend to remain in state of their motion and even resist the change in it. He also said that an object moving in straight line will not change its direction and will travel at same velocity as before.

3.Newton, not convinced of the half truth given by Descartes, resolved himself to find the truth. He did not understand terms like ‘motionless’, ‘straight line’ and ‘constant velocity’.  He then gave the idea of a ‘bucket’. Newtons bucket is fill with water and behaves is ordinarily extraordinary way. This I will explain in my next post.


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