Do Raccoons Really Wash Their Food ?

Whenever someone talks about Raccoons, it reminds me of the movie Pom Poka ( A Studio Ghibli movie). It is an interesting movie with a good plot and great message. Raccoons are ordinary animals. They are commonly found throughout North America.

They live on trees and near water body and eat crayfish, clams, fish and frogs, nuts, berries, corn etc.

Some people believe that Raccoons wash all their food before eating it. Its is a common practice seen among them. There have been cases where they have refused to eat when they couldn’t find any water.

On the other hand some raccoons have been seen feeding without washing their food at all. Nobody really knows why raccoons wash their food. We cannot say that they wanted to clean their food before eating because they often wash it with water which is dirtier than food itself. Besides, they will wash the food they caught in the water, which certainly doesn’t need washing. I think that they wash their food in water because it perhaps make it more tastier.


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