Why People Age Faster In The Hills: Einstein Answers

Why people living in hill station age more quickly than those living in the plains or plateaus? The answer is given by the most beautiful law of the universe; our very own special relativity.

Before I answer this question, I need to provide you with some basic knowledge of this law. Here are some prerequisite facts you need to know.

1. An object have 2 kinds of motion, one through space and other through time. The sum of both velocities equals the velocity of light( denoted by c)

2. If the object is moving through space, its velocity in space increases. But at the same time its velocity through time decrease. If the velocity through space becomes equal to velocity of light, time completely stops. You will not visualize any motion, and your analogous wrist watch will stop ticking.

3. Similarly if an object is not moving through space, its velocity through time will become equal to speed of light. And your watch will tick at the speed of light.

4. Force acting on an object is = Mass of object* Accelerating of object.  This is newton’s law. Force has an dierect relation with acceleration. If force is large, more is the acceleration.

Now with this knowledge, We are ready to understand the answer.

If a person is living in a hill, he is experiencing a lesser gravitational force. This is because G- Force vary inversely with distance from center of the earth. When the force experienced is less, acceleration of the object is less, and so does its motion through space. When the motion through space decrease, motion through time increase and our aging process increase(point 2 & 3).

If the person is living in the pains, he is much more closer to ground (ie to the center). He experiences more force , hence more acceleration, and subsequent more velocity through space. This causes velocity through time to decrease and our aging process decrease.

So if you live in pains thank god that you are not going to wrinkle soon. If you live in mountains, be happy that you are wiser and experienced.

Here is a link that will tell you more about gravity and acceleration

Gravity and Acceleration


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