Crazy Logics: Mind Benders Solution

My yesterday post Crazy Logics: Mind Benders consist of logical puzzles. Here are the puzzles along with answers.


1. All Nebraskans are Corn husker fan

    Some corn huskers fans are also Hawkeye fans

    Some hawkeye fans are also cyclone fans

   Therefore some Nebraskans are cyclone fans

   If the first 3 statements are true, is the conclusion is true or false ?

Answer: The conclusion is false. There are 2 cases. If some corn huskers fans are Hawkeye fans and some hawkeye fans are cyclone fans, then in case 1, cyclone fans are corn huskers fan and in case 2 they are not. It could be either and hence conclusion is false

2. In a foreign language

Kaf navcki roi means “take three pieces”

Kir roi palt means ” Hide three coins”

Inoti Kaf Kir means ” Cautiously take coins”

How would you say Hide pieces cautiously?

Answer: In first two sentences roi is common in both. In English version three is common. Hence roi is analogous to three.

Similarity in second and third sentences, Kir and coins are common. Therefore Kir means coin

In first and third sentences Kaf and take is common. Here is situation now.

roi- three

Kir- coin

Kaf- take

For the remaining words we can derive meaning by process of elimination.

so navcki – pieces

palt- hide

Inoti- cautiously

So “Hide pieces cautiously” will translate into “Palt navcki inoti”

3. An eagle, an elephant and a walleye have 2 each. A tiger, a moose, a bear, a turtle and a snake have one each. Neither human nor a gorilla had any. What are we talking about?

Answer: This one is so eeeeeeeasy . It is the letter ‘e’.








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