Kimberly Diamond Mine

If diamonds are girl’s best friend then Kimberley is a heaven for girls. This is because Kimberley has largest diamond mine. It is a place in heart of South Africa famous for the largest man made hole ever. The Big hole measures over a kilometer deep and 37 acre in surface area. The hole was a byproduct of great diamond rush of 1870.

During thhis peroid people removed 28 million tonnes of earth yeilding 14.5 million catates of diamond. This is also the place where magnificent ‘Star of Africa’ was discovered ( 530.2 carat diamond).

Today Kimberley is the home ofthe De Beer Consoliated Diamond mines. This is the richest diamond mines of the earthand gave recodnition to Kimberley as Diamond capital. And as I said “Kimberley is a heaven for girls”.


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