Beyond Evolution: Biotechnological Revolution

Evolution is the only process (or result of a process) of nature which changes living forms. This process modifies and adapt the organism to its surrounding for higher efficiency.

Even though the process is continuous with time, nature has reach its carrying limit. Number of species formed with time is decreasing drastically. Even after 5 million years mankind has not been successful in evolving naturally. This is primarily because we have not been able to geographically isolate ourselves*.

Since nature has done its job, now its our turn to carry this process from the threshold. By using Biotechnological techniques and Recombinant DNA technology, we can cone humans and modify them to be an ideal organism of nature. We can create organism which has desired traits as required by our society. We can reduce the phenotypical differences amongst us, which has been an issue of social discrimination since ancient times. We can create a society in which we are all different and yet similar, a society where peace reigns, whole mankind unite itselft and establish institution which was once dream: The World Goverment

Cloning of human is banned in every corner of the world. But history is witness that science is unstoppable. And I wish that after few years we will be able to create a new species of ourselves : The Super sapiens.

*There are other factors are involved too.


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