Beyond Evolution: Rebirth Of Einstein

In my previous post  Beyond Evolution: Biotechnological Revolution and  Beyond Evolution: Human Cloning, I had written about process of evolution in human beings and its consequences. I had also mentioned how cloning technology can take us to next level of Speciation (cloning here also includes modifying humans).

Communication is the first quality on which we must advance ourselves. This communication can be in any form. But I think that best mode of communication we can use is already available (wireless), it is the language we must emphasize on. And what in this whole universe is most perfect in its own respect than the mathematics itself. Phonetically based language has limited usage. But numbers and their combinations are infinite, and hence most effective way to describe. Further it will be much easier for us to communicate with machines we will be using  (you might be thinking that remembering million of numbers is illogical and very difficult. But by using sets theory and formulas, it will be less difficult than what you are imagining).

Communication is the most important thing. But there is another important thing which is required to create what I called Super Sapiens. It is a brain which is specific and specialized in whatever it is specific in. Gone were the days when a person who drew bones on paper was considered an anatomist like Leonardo da Vinci. Today and in future, we require these kind of people, those who are pioneer in their field (we also need someone who specializes in integrating two or more things).

And every person bit by bit will be able to construct an person greater than Einstein, and unification of Einstein mutually working together will be the largest leap for mankind. There is still more to write and a lot more to think.


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