A Sea Within Universe : Part 1

In my last post, I mentioned views of Newton, Mach, Leibniz and lastly Einstein on description of space and time. Till today, no one is able to describe the true shape of universe. It is because we have a limited ability to view the space. We have explored only a fraction of the giant universe (it will be so small that it will be the smallest fraction we can ever think of).

Space and time have been proved to be relative and when viewed as whole is absolute. But is universe as whole is absolute or relative? This could be a meaningless question. It is like asking the origin of universe which is meaningless because before the big bang there was no space and hence no origin.

Most scientist believe that our universe is continuous (maybe like a torus). Some think it is impossible to determine the shape. Explanation of this is very difficult for me to explain. It is like 2 hats placed on a table and if the magician put his hand inside one, it will emerge out from the other hat. Space behaves in the same way. If we try to cross the boundary on one side we will come out from another. Hence we will never be able to describe its shape. If you have played pac-man, it will be easier for you to comprehend. When the pac-man goes past the right edge it comes out to the arena from the left.

There will be more on the issue in my next post.


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