A Sea Within Universe: Part 2

We haven’t reach the era where we can explain the working of our universe. Until then, all we can do is to speculate about it.

I think there are two universe. The universe we live in have relative space and time. This universe is inside another universe which is absolute in all respects. The smaller one which is inside the larger one is microscopic universe, while the other is macroscopic universe. In such arrangement, all content of microscopic universe, you, me, the computer, all forms of matter or matter waves and the whole micro universe itself, are moving at light speed inside macro universe.

These two universe differ in properties. This is because of the difference in their scale.

If you look at nature, small creatures like Ants can lift load several times it’s own weight. A flee can leap hundred times it’s own height. But if we look at ourselves, we can hardly lift a thing of our own weight and I have never heard an elephant jumping even 1 inch in height. At higher level the super strength disappears.

Even if you look at something as small as atom, you will be surprised to see how the things behaves in paranormal way. An electron can exist in 2 different places at same time, defying the basic law of physics. Quantum world is most mysterious in nature.

But there is one big problem with my hypothesis. The microscopic universe in which we live in is expanding. And as it expands, there will be a stage when it’s expansion will increase its size to the macro universe. There there will be no space left for it to move at speed of light and our universe will loose its property. It will be like and ant expanding to the size of elephant and loosing its super strength.

But perhaps it is not a problem at all. If micro universe turns into macro universe, the newly acquired properties of it will cause it to shrink again, turning it into micro universe.

I know there are many flaws in this theory. But I am working on the solution to every logical problem. But for every problem solved, two more problem arise. But isn’t it how science developed?

Here are reference link for a clear understanding.

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