A Mind In Limbo

An unfortunate incident happened to a friend of mine today and she was really disappointed about it. Today I forgot her name. It is an obvious reaction to this terrible misdeed I did on her.

I saw her picture on Facebook after 2 long year. A beautiful face with the crescent smile on it, is hard to forget. It was the name which I was forgetting. I forced my mind to search for every memory I had of her, search every cortex of brain responsible for storing data, search for every single protein that codes for her. But all in vain. Rather, I went into a state where it is often difficult to come out (at least for me). How can I forget something which is unforgettable and how did I recognize a face which has changed with time but not the name which remained unchanged. Forgetting the name of a person (that too of a friend) happened first time in my life.

There is one thing I learned from this experience. All the experiences we share with a person are registered by his name. A name for us is like a file which stores all the paper of memories. As soon as she told me about herself and how she was associated with me, I felt sorry for myself and for her as well. It was not what she had expected and deserved.

Well in the end I remembered everything and learned a valuable lesson of life. If you want to forget everything about the person, you have to forget his name first. Our name is our first impression.


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