Why Chopsticks Are Better Tool For Eating ?

Couple of weeks ago, I went to a Japanese restaurant with my elder brother. I do not remember the name of food we had (quiet funny names; no offense) but I do remember my struggle with food and the chopsticks. It was probably my first experience with a pair of chopsticks. Furiously, I stopped eating with chopsticks and went into my traditional mode for eating food. Afterwards I had conversation with my brother. It goes like this.

Bhiya (aka Brother) : What happened

Aman (aka Myself) : Nothing my finger joints are aching. This is a stupid way of eating.

Bhiya: No, its not like that. Chopsticks are the most advance eating utensil.

Aman: How?

Bhiya: You see, at home we use our hands to eat which is most primitive way of eating food (This is a fact so I cannot argue). With Chopsticks there is minimum surface area of contact. So it is most hygienic way to eat.

Aman: What about spoon and fork?

Bhiya: You generally clean steel utensil with soaps. All soaps does is remove oil (again a proven fact). It does not kill bacteria. Chopsticks can be easily boiled and can be disposed if it get contaminated in some way. It is also cheaper than the steel.

Aman: But there is one disadvantage. You cannot intake semi-solid and thick fluid with chopsticks.

Bhiya: That true. But if something is fluid you can take it directly from the bowl.

Aman: Okay, but I would rather eat my rice with a spoon, than throwing it in my mouth. At least in a restaurant.


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