A post by Vivek Mehrotra (DTU Student) on his quest for IIT and its aftermaths.
 Many students in India were disheartened regarding their result-NOT QUALIFIED in IIT-JEE examination. I present this piece of writing to those who felt routed of this life and believe that it is because of so called ‘KISMAT’ (luck). Even I used to face sombre nights alone, after my result, but I managed to move over my dejection when I got to know about life and how it moves on, and what really matters to achieve a successful career in ENGINEERING!
1.Let me take an example of IIT DELHI and DTU (Delhi Technological University) (in the same way, JAYPEE and IP UNIVERSITY can also be compared) .Any company(be it any company) not just recruits IITians but also DTU students.
2.Survival and success of any employee, in such case, depends on his caliber, his innovation, his hard work , and what he does for the company. The group of people vying for a promotion may consist of both DTU guys and IITians.
3.But the most deserving employee takes it all! He may not necessarily be an IITian. Any person of any other college who possessed the qualities mentioned above will get same opportunity as an IITian will get.
4.Considering this hypothesis, I conclude that Btech degree from a reputed college (or your DREAM COLLEGE) does not guarantee the success in life, it just elevates you to a certain level which may be hard for others to achieve( REMEMBER: hard, but not impossible).
5. Moreover, for those whose have sole aims to EARN MONEY and live a plush life, your engineering college should not bother you, you can try to win the fight in MASTER’S degree too!. (as an example, to apply for IIM, you should possess a bachelor’s degree, it doesnt matter  where you get that degree from!!).
For those students who have lost all hopes, and are still fighting to overcome their sorrows, I suggest the maxim :NEVER BACK DOWN..!!
 (Left: IIT Delhi, Right : DTU)


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