Facts On Tundra Plants

Variation in plant species is closely related to the the environmental temperature. Tundra is a biome which is characterized by low temperature. The geographical distribution of this biome includes Actic region, Northern Russia, Greenland and Canada. There are no trees there. But there is plenty of beauty found in plants and shrubs species of Tundra.

Here are some biological facts on plant living in Tundra region

1. Plants here propagate and reproduce rootstock or Runner. Runners are stems of the plant. These stem move parallel the soil (or go underground). From the stem node, new plant emerges with proper root and shoots.

2. Plants grow in clumps and create their own micro climate. Micro climate is essential for their survival in such harsh and cold temperature.

3. Plant seeds may germinate while they are attached to their parent plant.

4. Root mass is more so that it may store enough energy and minerals to grow in short duration of spring.

Saxifraga oppositifolia

Cladonia rangnifernia

Calliergon giganteum

Salix artica


3 thoughts on “Facts On Tundra Plants

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