A Reality Check by Observation And Measurement

  I was sitting on my couch doing nothing. I     gazed out of the window in front of me and  saw a butterfly. It was fluttering randomly as I tried to figure out what consequences it can cause due to it’s effect. What the chaos theory has written for future. Then my tame ideas went astray and I thought about effects of chaos theory on present and as such on reality of micro and macro universes.

1. Reality is subjective. It is dependent on frame of reference. Since frame of reference is space and time which itself is relative, reality is relative.

2. Reality is objective when we are at an incredible speed of light. Speed of light is absolute which makes reality intangible. If fact others will judge their reality with respect to our velocity.

3. At microscopic levels, reality becomes a function of observation and measurement. Reality of position & velocity, reality of energy and time, the very nature of subatomic particles are governed by uncertainty.

4. There is always an error involved in measurement process. But even with precise instruments, we cannot judge reality as the quotient of uncertainty is inbuilt in the system.

5. Reality is always instantaneous. It is because if factor of time is large chaos effect interplays with reality and in turn changes it. Same is applied in case of macroscopic scale.

6. The instantaneous reality depends upon observation. When we observe a thing we force the nature to take a decision in which frame of space-time it wants to be. Rest of the Born’s probability wave which existed before observation are vanished (precisely speaking it peaks at a single point).


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