Scrutizing the Coexsistence : Answers left open

I was sitting the car waiting for someone. It was time for siesta and I could still see many people on road, lured out by the winter sun. In a country like India, we do not have laws which prevented people from throwing trash on road, a consequence of which is felt during monsoon when road are waterlogged. One of the fish trapped in that web of sunlight was a boy who moved past my car.

HeMynah threw a wrapper of potato chip on the road and did not look back to what he left, but I did. That torn and crumpled piece of wrapper rested their in the very same web of sunlight until a group of Myna gatheredĀ  around it. They poked their faces inside the wrapper and fed themselves on what remains inside the wrapper. Its a story of survival more than crave.
Ethically (As my teachers told me) it is wrong to throw your junk in public places. Its simple, you don’t throw your garbage where you live. But in the end there is no such thing as my backyard or your backyard.

That boy might also be aware of this fact. Say it as his mistake or ignorance but he fed the birds. These creatures were once wild. We opened our mind and civilized the earth. Nature adapted itself by creating a small world of their own where it feel protected. And not just any world but a world which (probably symbiotic) coexist inside our artificial module of living. Like humans, nature too is capable of adapting. The very instinct to respond to a stimulus has been a vital instrument in this race for survival.
One cannot comprehend the events yet to happen. That boy who threw wrapper doesn’t know what he did. But had he not done it, who knows how this world would have fed itself. Later another boy came, he was poor. Unlike other fishes, he had a purpose. The purpose was to survive. He picked up that wrapper and took it away to a place where he can sell it and earn a living. Is it a wrapper? a garbage? Is it scrounging? or is it a gold?



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