A Machine in Everything: Part 1

We grew up in a world where someone is always better than the other. And such differences exists despite the  fact that 99% of the DNA construct is the same in every individual. Its quiet fascinating to know how much that 1% of difference can change the whole course of history.
Some individuals are better designed to survive than the other. When we scale up our vision, the concept of individual diminishes and we come across species. A species is often defined as a group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. But species too, like individuals work on the same survival model. Nature banishes a fail design which wither like the autumn leaves, gradually into extinction. And this gives a course of new species and individuals, which posses stark improvement over their predecessor.
The first organism is nothing but a result of a spark of electricity. It is believed that the variation in atom charges in environment resulted in a lightning, causing chemical reaction, creating a RNA molecule. RNA is an organic compound which is able to replicate itself. Its more stable, double helical cousin, the DNA was formed much later. Like machine this molecule also required electricity to activate its function, most important being replication. The molecular bonds broke resulting in release of energy and the same energy was used to create new bonds. Life has to be sacrificed to preserve itself. And that life is electricity which worked in accordance to laws of thermodynamics.


Earth is dominated by intelligent life forms. Objects which declares their existence on this planet are considered alive. I said earlier that individual beings compete with each other just to eliminate inferior designs. It works the same way as the market, where a latest gadget replaces an old product which is less advance.

Often organism coexist just like machines in a factory where each one takes part in the process of creation. The whole earth, with its mechanistic species and ecosystem like a factory, is constantly into the process of births and deaths. This addendum of processes forms an evolutionary cycle. All this works in accordance to laws of thermodynamics.



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