A Machine in Everything: Part 2


Future at present is not highly as unpredictable as it was in the past. Human capacity to analyze events and manipulate them has given the species an edge over other creatures. Like I said earlier, a new species compete with old one and in process eliminate it. However it may not be a generalized case. Even today, primitive creatures like virus is able to survive hostile conditions where human capacity breaks down.
Virus and Machine
Virus is an object which exist at an edge of living and non living. It acts as non living object until it is stimulated by some triggering factors. Machine no matter how simple or complex works only if it gets some form of vital energy. Cars need fuel and phones need batteries. When that energy is withdrawn the machine goes into a complete state of inactivity just like virus (one should not be confused with comparison between active and living. If something is active in general can be non living too. What we must analyze is similarity in behavior which is induced by triggering factor).
Reproduction and Replication
Virus reproduce by mechanism of Transcription. The RNA of virus fuses itself with it’s host DNA. The virus then uses host’s amino acids and other cells like polymerase to create replica of its own. But in that process the progeny undergoes mutation. Mutation later on causes new types of virus and provides verity in its kingdom. All mutations are not favorable. And they are not, they get extinct over a period of time.
Machines can also be programmed to create other machine. A car is machine which is created by other machines programmed according to sets of algorithm. A Machine also make errors in production. The defected models of car is either repaired or discarded. If it can be repaired, it goes to the market if it doesnt it goes into the trash.
Mutations in Machine And Physical Word
Process of replication isnt restricted to living beings. A computer virus also replicates itself in the system. And not only does it replicates, it also spread itself to other system. However untill now all computer virus replicated are mere copies.
Atoms does not replicate like living being. But they do undergo mutations. A hydrogen atom when fused together produces helium and other sub atomic particle. Likewise, atoms of other elements fuse or disintegrate to produce atoms of another elements. But these chemical reactions are more of an exchange of sub particles rather than creating new. Mutations here play vital role to create something new. Some elements are created which are unstable. These elements disintegrate into stable state and gradually loose their exsistence. Universe doesnt have space for those who doesnt obey it. But still rebels will always be born in the universe. As long as mutagens exist.



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