Great Age To Disect Starry Sky—- Brian Green

It was a remarkable discovery made by an eminent physicist and astronomer Edwin Hubble, who narrated a new twist in the story of ‘our universe’. Universe was thought to be in a steady and static state until this discovery which showed that the galaxies are moving apart from each other. What make this twist more interesting was that the gravity by virtue of its pull was still unable to stop the rate of expansion. Objects will and always continue to retrograde.

Big Bang was one theory which emerged as a consequence of this observation, stating that universe started from 0 and expanded to 1,2,3 and so on. By the time this count reaches infinity, these galaxies and in fact all the stars in the night sky will move away at distance where they will no longer be visible. The distances will be so large that the light from these matter will never be able to overcome these distances in order to reach us. What will the astronomer of that time period believe? Will he believe his eyes which tells him that there are no such thing as nebulae, pulsars, galaxies? Or will he believe in observations we made at our time?

The point is that we are living in an age were we are able to observe the universe. We have already witnessed supernova explosion, planet formation, star giving birth to another star. And the best time to explore our origins is now. When the night is still starry.


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