Children Of The Garden: A Short Story

Who dug the earth? There is an empty space. The continuity, its disruptive. Void. The void. Who is he? He is the gardener. He takes care of us. But, Why? Maybe he likes it. Maybe. Yes maybe. Like god? No not like god, stupid.God creates. The Gardener preserves.

You should both hide. Don’t tell her all your nonsense. What do we mean by ‘all’ ? We cannot worship him. Why cant we trust him? We don’t know what he is up to. So. So you cant trust him. If we cannot trust, we can never believe. You shouldn’t trust everything. He is here for a long time. He hasn’t changed anything. He is dangerous, he is taking nature’s job in his own hands.Be well hidden. I am leaving now.

What should we do now? I don’t know. Everyone narrates its own story. Then I wish to listen all of them. All of them! Yes all of them.


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