Children Of The Sky: A Short Story (Or How The Clouds Lost Their Feet)

Don’t look down. Where are we heading? We are not heading, we are waiting. For what? For breeze, it will take us away. I wish I could walk. If you walk you will get tired. How do you know? You never walked. Yes we did, long time ago. We did many things back then. It was a wonderful time, traveling across the earth. But what happened? One of us was too afraid to roam. So he stayed where he was. The Land, the mountain, the oceans, everyone requested him to move but he was stubborn. As the time passed more and more clouds got fed up from moving. They thought that they will never return once they reach the mighty ‘Mountains of thorn’. So they stayed in their place, happy that they were not bound to any obligations.

Then one day, each and everyone of us started to congregate. We diffused with one another and we became heavy. We became so heavy that we stared sinking down. The sea got scared because we were about to fall on him. We cried to the god incessantly, asked him to save us. Suddenly we felt a push. it was the wind. The gracious angel lifted us up, and separated us from one another. It was sent by god. He reprimanded us for we committed a sin. He took away our feet. And from then onwards we never walked. This is wrong. No, he did the right thing. If we repeated this same mistake then the mountains, the river and the whole world will suffer.

We feed the mountains.

Mountains feed the plants.

Plants holds the mountains with its roots.

Mountain moves the river,

the rivers dissolves in sea.

And we are reborn from the sea to move the cycle again. Do you understand now. All I want is to be free. Sky is your home little one. No matter what you do, you will return back to your home. There is the wind. Time to move.

Photographed by Aman Atal


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