The Last Addendum

Slaves exist even today. But unlike the past, today’s slavery is a disguised practice. Disguised because slaves themselves are unaware of it. The people who own these slaves are the bankers and entrepreneurs. Fortunately, they are in minority.
There has been a wide spread criticism of today’s economics which is run on money. Money leads to greed, a root for all evil.
Venus project has introduced a resource based system. Such system can eradicate major issues like poverty, debt and hunger. But most importantly, it can ensure resource viability. Tool to achieve this is technology. Sadly, science too is commercialized.
Technology can be very dangerous. A simple piece of communication like cell phones have a drastic impact on human society. If anyone of you had seen the animated movie, WALL-E, you could easily understand what I mean.
If we assume that Venus project is some how successful, is human mind ready for what will happen next? And will humans develop by using this technology? Or will this technology will become a parasite? What will happen after we achieve this resource based system? We don’t know yet. All answers are welcomed.


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