Dont Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

I heard a story about a girl with a curse.

That she will sleep forever unless a nobel prince kisses her.

She slept in the tower, lock away in a dark forest.
Maybe she was dreaming in her slumber.

Maybe she dreamt of her prince who she wished will wake her up. Yes, but maybe.
But why did the sleeping beauty even wanted to wake up?

When she can meet her prince in her deep slumber, while she is asleep.

She can do all the things she wanted to do while dreaming. And maybe beyond the things she never imagined she could.

She may not have chosen this curse. But it was part of her destiny and written as soon as she was born. And the destiny will always guide her even if she was asleep. Isnt it her choice when to wake up, or not wake up at all.

What is reality in respect to her? Is it the state she is in or is it the state she isnt aware about?
If she is dreaming, isnt it her world, which is created out of amalgamation of her thoughts and emotions? And is ‘the world’ similarly composed of these same thought and emotions.

Why is she and her prince charming not in the same reality? What if she wakes up and finds that her prince is not as charming as the one in her dreams. For he prevaricate her without her consent.

Again, Isnt it her choice to be free, free even to choose her own reality?

And is her walking up sign of a happy ending?


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