Less Is More……Miles Van Der Rohe


Miles Van Der Rohe adopted a univalent form of system to depict his architecture. His statement “LESS IS MORE” portrayed his philosophy and the language of Modernism. Buildings for Miles is “almost nothing”. They were mere boxes which were made out of single or very few materials and a consistent right angled geometry. This buildings were reduced to their simplest form and wore a veil of grand simplicity.

This reduced form was considered to be rational and universal. He created huge sky high structures of steel and glass which later on became one of the most common notion of an ‘Office Building’. Miles became so obsessed with material and the consistent geometry that the core issue became irreverent. The issue was – Is steel beams and glass panels appropriate for housing? Miles disregarded this fact or kept it secondary to visual consistency.

House with use of steel and glass

This metaphor is depiction of his thought of minimalist form of architecture devoid of complexities, paradoxes and imbibed simplicity. He gained enormous recognition as his ideas became pervasive. The architecture was “LESS” in terms of ornamentation and influences of craft so that material remains true to itself. The functional aspect of the building was given more preference than form which gave his architecture “MORE MEANING”



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