High Rise in Architecture….

Industrial revolution was the major turning point which created ripples in architecture. Industrial revolution saw massive structure which repeated the moments and streamlined the concept of self sustenance into a mass sustenance. The whole human society came to viewed as a large machine with individuals capable to perform single specialized function.

High rise structure came to prominence when second world war ended. The primary purpose was to accommodate the large migration of people which were required in the cities for development. It later became part of cities skyline gradually because of growing population demand.

In India, the concept of high rise structures were introduced much later and now these structures have evolved drastically, each trying to grow on and on in the never ending race of verticality. It consist of the certain set of codes which are implanted and replicated in order to created a structure of similarity. And problem with similarity is that it can never compete. True democracy does not lie in creating copies but coping the idea (?) and interpreting it in more human way, rather than the machine.

The money which is poured into one consolidated built form can be divided to create multiple built form and remaining true to the entities. Architecture often manifests itself in form of community based activity in olden times like creating a barn or digging a well. In India, villages have Panchayat. These were the decision making bodies were the members were decided unanimously by people of villages. Their judgement is recognized even today by Judicial Body of India. What is important is that the development model should be lead by the citizen. The job of an architect should be to address to the solution. Ultimately a building can be most expensive way to deal with the problem. For example, why do we need schools when one can attend classes through internet.

High rise which were once solution to the problems now lay the seed of problems of ever changing scale of urban cities. It core issue is in determining “how high is high”.


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