Deduction And Argument in Philosophy

What is philosophy? Is it fundamental? Is it true and universal? Or does it mean seeking the truth.

When philosophy is not true- There are times when the actions we perform or questions we answer are without any platform to be based on. I believe that these actions are response to intuition or instincts which we are programmed by default.

When philosophy is true- Actions which we perform are based on questioning. We step back, overview and meticulous on our deeds. These responses are not permanent in the sense that we may respond differently to the same situation due to change in our philosophy.

A Paradox Of The Past

I put forward an argument…. That we do not have a free will.

Justification: We all have a past, even if we do not have memories of it. The past actually controls the present and the future. World itself have a history (is history same as past?), which we are part of. We cannot dictate or change how past was, and in turn the present and the future. Therefore we cannot control the world of how it is in present or future.

Hume and the right way of thinking

David Hume believed that this notion of Right way of thinking does not exists. Exist in the sense that we are never completely aware of the total number of events that are taking place in a sequence. All we observe is the initial and the final terms of the process.

In a game of pool, we believe that a ball hits another ball, and the second ball moves and hits the third and so on. But in the end, what we witness are the balls at various places. So we are not observing the cause and rather observing balls at various instances. So the observation which I will call as “the cause” is something which our mind interprets as an add on. Secondly, we do not observe self. Though we observe the feelings or thoughts that crosses our mind.

This is what he said …..‘The observation of human blindness and weakness is the result of all philosophy, and meets us at every turn, in spite of our endeavors to elude or avoid it.”

To be cont.




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