You the Star, Away from Heart

There are many theories about evolution and creating of universe. Universe is born, from hands of gods. It was lifted from depths of sea. It is will and it is the means. And many assume that universe is nothing but a cosmic dance.
None have called out how it will end. It is beyond the comprehension of intellect, or analogous to rationality and reality. And science is still in chase of this being of the future. Yes, universe will end. But this end will not be a glorious one. It will end like an ancient thing of sorrow. It will dissolve into its own existence, still act as an boundless space in boundless void. Every matter is moving away from each other. You and I and this earth are moving in this ever expanding universe.

What does this imply to? Does this mean there will a time when we will never see the stars? In short the answer is No!
Expansion of the universe was always part of this celestial dance. Universe was expanding faster than the speed of light since its creation (or is creation a proper word for it?). Hubble sphere is the threshold distance within which the galaxies does not recede faster than speed of light. If a galaxy is beyond this sphere, it will recede faster then light could travel. So a photon of light will not be able reach us if it is emitted beyond the Hubble sphere.

But there is a twist. Expansion of universe is not a literal expansion, but a relative expansion of scale of the universe. So with increasing distance, the radius of Hubble sphere is also increasing. This also means that the observable universe is larger than hubble sphere. So we can see the light from distant galaxies, in fact we have detected frequencies from our embryonic universe. This is known as particle horizon and universe turns dark for us beyond this. I always saw something mysterious about the universe end. And does that end actually exist. Universe is infinite. So I hope it never ends for us. As for the big crunch, just wait and watch.


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