Universe, God, Dance, Everything

The music is on, your feet tap in sync to the tune. You move, react, resonate with vibrations that plunge in your ear canal. What is this reaction? Is it act of balancing one action with another? Dance is an action, for spirituality it is creation, for the universe, it is the law of existence. Universe always dances, for sake of the equilibrium and to calibrate the entropy.

Universe at time of its birth was blog of gases. It was formless, fluid and homogeneous. Fundamental forces and energies shaped the universe into clumps of masses. Here we see the order from chaos as the child slowly matures, with new arrangements, perspectives and varieties. It was transition from nebulae to galaxies which signifies rules, order, arrangements and civilization. All this drama progresses with each step taken by the dancer, for dance is the celestial art of creation.

Shiva is the master of this art. He is a Hindu god of creation and destruction of universe. He is the cosmic dancer, and each of his steps will determine the fate of you and me and everything that exist. I ponder over this fact that why did Hindus related actions at cosmic scale to movements of dance. And why did they choose Shiva to act the bridge which knit the opening to conclusion, narrating a story, whose sentences act like a step of dance?

“I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Some of the 108 Karanas of Nataraja at Kadavul Hindu Temple, on Kauai, Hawaii. (wikipedia.com)


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