Matter and Information

Embedded in this universe are laws which govern it. Newton and the classical physics based its presumptions of future on sets of information which existed in the past. The practical and experimental evidences proved this idea, were based on inaccurate and lack of deterministic measurement as support. Newton’s physics helped us send satellite around the earth, explain motion of solar systems, fall and rise of tides. In scientific community, judgment is based of experimental measures and axioms which exist. Information creates a belief, which is the truth and way of universe. With new set of measurement, new laws are written. So does the truth.

In cybernetics, information exchange is controlled by communication and control. If I have to control, I will have to create a logical protocol of codes which are in form of stimulus. This is called as message. A message is coded information, structured in set of rules such that any human or machine can decrypt it with shared set of knowledge. If I have to increase the efficiency of my information exchange, I will have generate a command and control the environment (medium of information). Every message has tendency to loose the information which it carries, in transit. This is the fundamental entropy, which is measure of randomness in system in form of noise. Information if opposite to entropy. It is a measure of organization which exist in the system.

Minimization Of Light – Light is a major source of information. Fermat concluded that for short distances, light travel through shortest path between 2 point.

Huygen’s Principle – It states that wave of light (waves?) is consist of secondary waves. **Not exact definition**

Leibnitz monad – System can be commanded to work in predetermined manner with other system.

If I replace the above word : light and system with information, I can conclude that Information tend to travel through shortest path between 2 point or information consist of secondary information.

I also wonder if time is also a set of information. Or it creates information?

Leibniz Computing Machine



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