Less Is More……Miles Van Der Rohe


Miles Van Der Rohe adopted a univalent form of system to depict his architecture. His statement “LESS IS MORE” portrayed his philosophy and the language of Modernism. Buildings for Miles is “almost nothing”. They were mere boxes which were made out of single or very few materials and a consistent right angled geometry. This buildings were reduced to their simplest form and wore a veil of grand simplicity.

This reduced form was considered to be rational and universal. He created huge sky high structures of steel and glass which later on became one of the most common notion of an ‘Office Building’. Miles became so obsessed with material and the consistent geometry that the core issue became irreverent. The issue was – Is steel beams and glass panels appropriate for housing? Miles disregarded this fact or kept it secondary to visual consistency.

House with use of steel and glass

This metaphor is depiction of his thought of minimalist form of architecture devoid of complexities, paradoxes and imbibed simplicity. He gained enormous recognition as his ideas became pervasive. The architecture was “LESS” in terms of ornamentation and influences of craft so that material remains true to itself. The functional aspect of the building was given more preference than form which gave his architecture “MORE MEANING”



Realities Of Indo Islamic Architecture

Islam has its roots in central Asia from where it spread all over the world. Islamic emperor from Persian and other parts of the world invaded the rich land of India initially and later made this country their home. They ruled here for some centuries and were defeated at the hands of British empire later.

I was with my friend Nishant Saxena at Qutab Minar complex on 22nd June, 2013. Our sole purpose was to study Indo-Islamic structure which were a resultant of amalgamation of Hindu architecture represented in Islamic style. And Qutab Minar is finest example of architectural wonder created by slave dynasty in Delhi.

Apart from the tower, there were many other tombs and monuments inside the complex. Mehrauli Archeological Site is also nearby. One can always visit these structure from sunrise to sunset.

Our sole purpose was to explore what was discovered. But what we discovered, unfortunately could not be explored. It was destroyed to grounds, pulverized, fragmented or left to ruins.

Qutab Minar at the backdrop

Qutab Minar at the backdrop

Qutab complex stands on what could be a Hindu Temple Complex. This is evident from the fact that we can still witness the remains of the intricate carvings of floral patterns and sculptures on walls and columns. Here take a look.

Door keepers of temple carved on Lintel

Door keepers of temple carved on Lintel

This idol of Ganesh is kept hidden inside a cage by the Goverment

This idol of Ganesh at Qutab Minar Complex

Ganesh Idol

Ganesh Idol

This was quiet unexpected. I wonder why was the idol kept hidden from the public’s eye. It was wonderful of lord to grant me his ‘darshan‘ as I bow down in gratitude to take his photograph.

Most likely to be 10 avatar of vishnu

Most likely to be 10 avatar of vishnu

Lintel Carving

Lintel Carving

Yaksha at Column's Capital

Yaksha at Column’s Capital

God Narayan with Brahma second from right, Indra fourth right, Skanda fifth right, Shiva sixth right

God Narayan with Brahma second from right, Indra fourth right, Skanda fifth right, Shiva sixth right

I think that this temple was dedicated to lord Vishnu. His temples were more ornamented than those of the hermit god Shiva.

Lintel Carvings

Lintel Carvings

Half Man half Animal.... probably a Naga......

Half Man half Animal…. probably a Naga……

The Idol above depicts an individual with human head and torso and lower body of a serpent. This could be the asur Ketu, one who caused lunar eclipse.

Temple column

Temple column

Underground Passage Near Khilji Tomb which is now closed.

Underground Passage Near Khilji Tomb which is now closed.

I can visualize the era when this temple complex displayed the grandeur which speak in the name of the God. If it had survived to this date, it would be at par to those temples of southern India. The relics of the temple are enough to say that Indian architects already knew of what the world said that they don’t know.

We ended our time witnessing the sunset at victory tower which man has erected over the chest of God. I have been here many times before. But this was the first time I saw God residing at this place.

Look At The Gods… “Darashan Do”

In hinduism, Vishnu is a God who act as a preserver. He is like a gardener, a leader who is active unlike Shiv, who is the passive one. Vishnu lives in Vaikunth, the heaven which is ocean of milk. Vishnu rest on a serpent called as Shesh Naag, with Lakshmi sitting besides him. In this state he is called Narayan (maybe derived from ‘neend’ which means sleep).
Vishnu only open his eyes when devas pray to him and ask for protection. Devas are sons of Aditi and god of elements ( fire, water, wind etc). They are often threatened by Asura, who are their half brother, sons of Ditti.

When Vishnu wakes up from his sleep, a lotus blooms from his navel and another god Brahma emerges.This relationship is a symbolic mutualism. One can say that Brahma is born out of Vishnu’s conscious thoughts when he opens his eyes. Or Vishnu is, like a fetus connected to the creator Brahma via lotus which is symbolic of placenta.

Vishnu sitting on Shesh naad with Brahma and Lakshmi

Brhama is the seeking god, who seeks for answers. Brahma did not make the mortals, he simply made them aware of the world. And he, himself is mark of Vishnu’s consciousness.

Another major god is hindu mythology is Shiva. He is worshiped as destroyer of the universe. He is a hermit who lives on snow cladded mountains, where nothing grows and no animal lives. He sits on a tiger skin and meditates. He doesn’t care about the world and does not wish to interact. He is the maha yogi, who has destroyed Kama, the god of love. He is married to Shakti.

When Shiv has his eyes shut, the nature becomes wild and untamed. It becomes blood thirsty and Shakti takes form of kaali. When Shiva’s eyes are open, he is called as ‘Shankar’ the benevolent one. And Shakti takes form of Gauri, innocent and giving like a cow (cow in Hindi means Gaaye from which the word Gauri is derived).

Nature is called as ‘Prakriti’ in Sanskrit. And Shakti is symbolic of nature. When the god’s eyes are closed, when his mind is not aware of the goddess, the prakriti is unorganized. But as soon as the god opens his eyes, he looks at the goddess (Darashan), Prakriti is organized and giving. Humans should understand that just by Darshan, we can make changes to our lives. Therefore in Hindu temples, people mostly go just to look at the god.

Shiv In his yogic posture. Trident on his right signifies his control over 3 Gunas (3 tendencies of nature)





Dont Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

I heard a story about a girl with a curse.

That she will sleep forever unless a nobel prince kisses her.

She slept in the tower, lock away in a dark forest.
Maybe she was dreaming in her slumber.

Maybe she dreamt of her prince who she wished will wake her up. Yes, but maybe.
But why did the sleeping beauty even wanted to wake up?

When she can meet her prince in her deep slumber, while she is asleep.

She can do all the things she wanted to do while dreaming. And maybe beyond the things she never imagined she could.

She may not have chosen this curse. But it was part of her destiny and written as soon as she was born. And the destiny will always guide her even if she was asleep. Isnt it her choice when to wake up, or not wake up at all.

What is reality in respect to her? Is it the state she is in or is it the state she isnt aware about?
If she is dreaming, isnt it her world, which is created out of amalgamation of her thoughts and emotions? And is ‘the world’ similarly composed of these same thought and emotions.

Why is she and her prince charming not in the same reality? What if she wakes up and finds that her prince is not as charming as the one in her dreams. For he prevaricate her without her consent.

Again, Isnt it her choice to be free, free even to choose her own reality?

And is her walking up sign of a happy ending?

The Last Addendum

Slaves exist even today. But unlike the past, today’s slavery is a disguised practice. Disguised because slaves themselves are unaware of it. The people who own these slaves are the bankers and entrepreneurs. Fortunately, they are in minority.
There has been a wide spread criticism of today’s economics which is run on money. Money leads to greed, a root for all evil.
Venus project has introduced a resource based system. Such system can eradicate major issues like poverty, debt and hunger. But most importantly, it can ensure resource viability. Tool to achieve this is technology. Sadly, science too is commercialized.
Technology can be very dangerous. A simple piece of communication like cell phones have a drastic impact on human society. If anyone of you had seen the animated movie, WALL-E, you could easily understand what I mean.
If we assume that Venus project is some how successful, is human mind ready for what will happen next? And will humans develop by using this technology? Or will this technology will become a parasite? What will happen after we achieve this resource based system? We don’t know yet. All answers are welcomed.

Children of the Fire: A Short Story

Look at us. The infection has spread all over. Now even the children are vulnerable. It was bound to happen. It happens everywhere. There must be some way elder. There is a way, we must embrace what befall on us. It is not a disease. The moss will wipe us out. It will make us brittle. Don’t you realize?

I realize what you don’t. We are ugly, grey and rough. God bestowed you with beauty. You are not immortal. Sooner or later you will die. And die shall you to become the part of the great fire of earth.

Living things die quickly, they do not know what happens to them. We are lucky. We get to know about ourselves while we disintegrate and what lies inside us. Death enlighten us.

So this means that we have very little time left. Don’t look at time, look the view, how beautiful we look. Yes, now I see. If we have to die, at least we will die beautiful. What do you think lies inside us? I know, THE FIRE.

National Geographic